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Thursday, April 01, 2010

 New Patent Search Tool - Patent Tools!

Basic Feature:

  • Find a Patent by number
  • Find a Patent by Content: Title/Abstract/Claims/Specificaiton/Assignee/Inventor Search

Advance Feature:

  1. Research notes application
  2. Patent Builder - Patent application design tool

Its good to give a TRY



Monday, January 04, 2010

 List of Patent Databases

The following patent search databases appeared in a poll created by Intellectual Property Network.


  1. PatentBrain: US and WO Algorithmic Patent Search  
  2. DEPATISnet: Worldwide patent search  
  3. Esp@cenet  
  4. Patmedia - Visual patent search  
  5. US patents  
  6. Boliven Patents: US, WO, EP, JP; KR patent search  
  7. ChemYQ:Chinese patents  
  8. Clusterpat: patents from US, EP Offices  
  9. DeepDyve: US patents  
  10. Espresso: US patents  
  11. Patentdocs: US patents  
  12. Freepatentsonline: US, EP, JP, PCT patents  
  13. US patents  
  14. Get the Patent: US, EP, WO search  
  15. Google US patents  
  16. IPEXL: CN, TW, HK, SG, JP, KR, PCT, US, EP, UK, CA  
  17. IP Newsflash EP Search  
  18. ipXnase Cross-lingual patent search  
  19. Uppdragshuset: Nordic (DK, FI, NO, SE) Patents  
  20. worldwide patent search  
  21. ParkerIP: Search in USPTO and Esp@cenet Database  
  22. PatentAnalysis: INPADOC, US, EP, WO, AU, NZ patent search  
  23. Patent Cat Patent Family Search  
  24. PatentCluster: US patents  
  25. Deutsches Patentrecherche  
  26. SIP worldwide patent search  
  27. Patent Genius  
  28. Patentics: US, EP, JP, WO, CN collections  
  29. PatentLens:US, EP, PCT, AU Patent Search  
  30. US, EP patents  
  31. PatentStorm: US patents  
  32. PIE Patent Information Everywhere: KR, US, EP, JP, PCT search  
  33. Power-info: Search in USPTO, Esp@cenet databases  
  34. PRIORsmART: Patent Search Portal  
  35. IPVision: US patents  
  36. SooPAT Patent Search: Worldwide patent search in Chinese  
  37. SumoBrain: JP, PCT, US, EP patent search  
  38. SurfIP: Search US, PCT, EP, SG, CN, CA, KR, UK, TH, JP  
  39. ToolPat: Quick US,WO, EP search  
  40. WikiPatents: US, CA, GB, DE, JP patent search  
  41. PATENTSCOPE: WIPO PCT search  
  42. Xyggy Patent: Find similar US patents  




 New Patent Search Tool by WIPO

A new search tool by WIPO for searching national and PCT collections is now available for public testing it:

Simple Search
Advanced Search
Browse by Week (PCT).

In addition provided results in tabular or graph format. Even the non-frequent users can also perform searches using the Tooltip Help feature.

The new tool allows not only to search the PCT database, but also the patent collections of ARIPO, Cuba, Israel, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa and Vietnam, and features flexible search syntax, automatic word stemming and relevance ranking, as well as graphical results. 


Friday, January 01, 2010

 I-PAT : New Patent Tool

Today I got a link for new patent tool (I-PAT)

This tool is still in the development stage. But I though to share this with the readers of this blog so that they can tract this, whenever it gets up. It look like a cool patent search tool.

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